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Welcome to Beacon Hill Baptist church and ministries. Our greatest desire is to have a place for you! Whether a young adult, or senior citizen, or anyone in between, whether you have a growing family with many children, or you are a single person on your own, there is a place for you. We want to be a church which honors God and seeks to help people, whoever they are, whatever their struggles and wherever they come from. God loves all people and we feel called of God to reach out to one and all with the saving message of Jesus Christ. Beacon Hill Baptist Church wants to be the church which can lovingly minister to you and your family.

Our church has been faithfully serving the community of Waco, Texas for more than 65 years. Many have found our church to meet their needs and give them a reverential, worshipping place to meet with God each week.

As a church:

1) Our goal is for all who visit our church to feel like an honored guest.

2) Our goal is to be that beacon on a hill shining forth the eternal truth of God’s Word for all.

3) Our goal is to share saving Gospel of Jesus Christ with “whosoever will!”

4) Our church desires to be a place of refuge and rest in a busy and overburdened life.


In the service of our Savior,

Pastor Mike Ferus.